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Fixing Cilium on Kind

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It seams that either downgrading Docker engine, to an earlier version or waiting for version 4.27.0 will fix the Cilium problem.

More info can be found in this issue. Thanks to Daniil Bazhanov, for the link/update.

For me, Docker Desktop is gone, and I will test out Colima in my env going forward, and see how that works.


I have started playing with Cilium, and learning about all the interesting things it offeres. That involves running a local Kind cluster, where I can quickly test things out.


Cilium has a guide on how to run this on a Kind cluster. The only problem, is that it’s not working on my M1 Macbook.

The deamonset pods keep restarting, and my coredns pods, never starts.

This means it’s pretty useless for me.

I have created a PR, where I think the error was found, but no real solution, until Parshin Pavel gave me a workaround.


The workaround was simply to replace Docker desktop with Colima

This was also a good excuse to try something else that Docker desktop.

So I tested it by simply deleting the Docker desktop app from my system, and followed the following steps, from this guide, to install Colima and tools.

brew install docker docker-compose kubectl kubectx colima

colima start

After that it was just a matter of starting Colima by running

colima start

If you want it to auto start, then you can run the following instead

brew services start colima

Also if you want to change the default settings like cpu, memory, disk and a lot of other things, then run

colima template

With colima running, I could follow the Cilium Kind guide again, and after 2 minutes, I had a fully working Cilium installation again. Cilium-cluster-working


Calima seams to be a seamless replacement for Docker desktop.

And judging from some of the comments, I got on this post, there is a lot of options for running colima, that is worth looking further into.

But that’s for another blog post :-)

Thanks for reading this far.

Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

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