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Tailscale on Ubitique Edgerouter


06.08.2021 : Updated blog to version 1.12.3 - Tested and working. 30.01.2021 : Updated blog to version 1.4.1 - Tested and working.

Tailscale is what I have been using, to get access to my demo enviroment, and allow clients to communicate with each other, across networks etc. But I have really missed, having it installed on my firewall, to make it act as a more traditional vpn. The firewall i’m using is an Ubitique Edgerouter lite.

While searching the internet, I found the following post post

I got it working, but the commands was not 100% correct. So I thought I would fix them, and present them here.

The guide, which is working for me, is as follows :

Find the correct .mips.tgz file on this page

SSH to the edgerouter, and download the file, using the following command

curl --output tailscale_1.12.3_mips.tgz

Untar the file

tar xvfz tailscale*.tgz

Open the directory

cd tailscale*_mips

Copy the files

sudo cp systemd/tailscaled.service /lib/systemd/system
sudo cp systemd/tailscaled.defaults /etc/default/tailscaled
sudo cp tailscale /usr/bin
sudo cp tailscaled /usr/sbin

Enable Tailscale to run as a service and at start

sudo systemctl enable tailscaled
sudo systemctl start tailscaled
sudo tailscale up

The last command will require you to autentificate the client. But now it should be running as a normal client, that you can use as a relay node, by running the following command (with your own subnets)

sudo tailscale up --advertise-routes=,

You should now be running Tailscale, on you Edgerouter, and be able to use all the greatness that involves :-)

Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash