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Move Blog

For the last year or so, I have seen a lot of people, talking about their move of blogs, from a traditionel CMS system, to a static site.

I have had this on my todo, for quite some time, but I have also been quite satisfied, with blogger (my old blog hosting). But the fear of Blogger being shutdown, like so many other Google services, have long had me thinking about alternertives.

The other day, i saw a couple of tweets around it again, and descided, that now was the time.

Lokking at how easy it was, and how long it took, I should have done this, a long time ago. But hey, i’m here now :-)

So this is my first post, on my new static site, using Hugo thru

If you don’t know, then go check them out. All i have done, is to creae a Github repo, with my Hugo content, and Netlify, takes care of deploying it. It’s so easy, and for my use, completely free.

Note more advanced services, might cost, but that seams fair enough, given that you then probably need them :-)

I just got the site up and running, with a nice looking theme. So no fancy stuff, that might come later.

I’m hoping, since this is now being created, in the same app, as i use a lot of my time (VS Code), there might even come some more posts out of it. But no promises :-)

Hopy you enjoy, the new (fast) site.



ps. Until i get it fixed, there might be some sizing and layout issues, with the site, and posts.

Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash