Filter Extensibility subscriptions in CAS

For the last couple of days, I have been playing quite a lot with Cloud Automation Services.
That means deploying a lot of VM’s, just to destroy them again.

Some time ago, I got help, from some good colleagues, to setup a Python Slack notification, using the extensibility on AWS Faas. The subscription to this, was on a single project, and on all Post Compute Provisions events.

This ment, that I have gotten A LOT of notifications, the last couple of days. And since I like notifications, when I do customer demo’s, turning them off, was not an option.

So I wanted to be able to select, when to get the notification, in a more clever way.
Disclamer : There are probably more than one way to do this, and i’m still learning, but this is how I did it :-)
One way to also do it, is described in this blog.

First I created an input parameter on the blueprint, where i ask for Notification.

   type: string
   title: Notify
   description: Notify when deployment is finished
    - ‘yes’
    - ‘no’
   default: ‘yes’

Under my VM’s properties (still in the blueprint), I then created the following :

notify: ‘${input.notify}’

This means, that I get a property, called notify under customProperties.

If you want to see the full blueprint, use this link to my Github repo :

Under Extensibility -> Subscriptions, I then edited my subscription, and selected “Filter events in topic”

There I could enter ==‘yes’

to make sure the subscription only runs, when i select yes during deployment.

The deployment now looks like this, and it works perfectly, meaning I select when I get notification :-)