Why i love my Netatmo Presence - Found potential thief

I love my Netatmo Presence. The reason is due to it’s abilities to detect different types of objects like cars, people, animals and other.

Due to that, I found that i had a visit, from somebody, who was probably trying to grab my bike, in the middle of the night.

It was just a short recording, but i detected it, since presence let me know, that it saw a person, at 2.40 in the night. We have a lot of cars driving by, so normally i would never see a recording like this, but in this case, i looked, as saw the guy below.

He got scared by the light. 

After this, i also added some Homekit Automation (more about that, in a later post), so that when my camera detects something, in the night, i also turns on all my lights outside, for a while.

That should make sure, no thief can come unnoticed to my house again.