Getting started with Cloud Automation Services - Almost

I finally got started on Cloud Automation Services (CAS), or at least Cloud Assembly.
Living in Denmark, where many customers are talking Azure all the time, and the local vSphere environments, are smaller, the SAAS offering makes a lot of sense IMHO.

I must admit I already love the product, even thou it requires some learning, to get the hang of it. But hey, that the fun stuff, and it did not take long, until I got something useful up and running :-)

But it has also required me to think different. The whole YAML approach to all the blueprints, allows me to keep versions of my blueprint, in different ways than i use to.
And after reading this blog (thanks @Codydearkland), I could see the benefit in having a git repository, where I can save everything i work on.

So if you are interested in seeing my blueprint so far, take a look at my Github repository.

So far it’s only copy/paste of the blueprints in the marketplace, that i have reused for my own blueprints. But i’m hoping that will change, and i’m able to share something, that is actually usable :-)

If you haven’t tried CAS yet, then i highly recommend you to try the trial or the Hands on lab.

If you know any good blogs or ressources regarding CAS, YMAL etc, then please let me know in the comments.