Fingbox - New security device in my home

So i bought a new gadget. After hearing my collegaue, telling me about it, and I was sold. is a free network scanner app for IOS (and Android).
They extended it, by connecting it to a physical device, that connects to your router, and monitors your network.
It only need a cable in your router, and power, then you are done.

The reason this is smart, is that your phone is not home the entire time, so it can’t monitor your network 247 from a app, without having any presence on your network.

What it does :

- It allows you to scheldule, when your devices can access the network (No youtube for the kids, when they have to do their homework).
- It checks the speed of your internet/Wifi etc.
- It checks for open ports in your router/Firewall
- It checks for new devices on your network.
And a lot more, taht you can read about here.

Most of these are great, but for me (since my kid is not big enough, for Youtube to be a problem), then the monitoring for open ports, and devices, is really what makes this a great tool.

So if anybody now get’s access to my lan, I will get a push notification, on my phone, allowing me to disable the device.

Looking at the release notes, it seams that the product is quite new, but they are constant updating their device, to do new stuff. So I really look forward, to seeing, what new features, thay are bringing.