Cloud Management Experience Day

A lot of my work time, these days, is spend on preparing a new thing we have in Denmark. It’s called Cloud Management Experience day.
We have already been running the same for VSAN, NSX and EUC.

The idea is to have customers participating in a full day og learning, where they can experience our products. In this case our CMP Products.
We (me and a collegaue) will then be presenting our solutions, while give the users access to Hands on Labs, where they can try, the things we talk about.

It’s not ment to be training, but it’s a good way to learn more about a product/solution, while having assistance from experts, and peers.

So i’m really looking forward to it.

It will be run in Denmark on the 28/2/2018 and if it’s of interest registration can be found here :

If you are attending, and would like to know someting specific, then let me know, in the comments here. Then we will see it’s someting we can take up.