Cloud Management Experience Day

A lot of my work time, these days, is spend on preparing a new thing we have in Denmark. It’s called Cloud Management Experience day. We have already been running the same for VSAN, NSX and EUC. The idea is to have customers participating in a full day og learning, where they can experience our products.

Fingbox - New security device in my home

So i bought a new gadget. After hearing my collegaue, telling me about it, and I was sold. is a free network scanner app for IOS (and Android). They extended it, by connecting it to a physical device, that connects to your router, and monitors your network. It only need a cable in your router, and power, then you are done.

vRealize Business - Do you know your cost ?

Do you know the cost of your datacenters, and what the cost would be, if you had to move your workloads to the public Cloud ? One of the products, that can help with that, is VMware vRealize Business. It’s probably one of the most overlooked products, in VMwares portfolio.

Why i love my Netatmo Presence - Found potential thief

I love my Netatmo Presence. The reason is due to it’s abilities to detect different types of objects like cars, people, animals and other. Due to that, I found that i had a visit, from somebody, who was probably trying to grab my bike, in the middle of the night.

Auto Clean up old recordings

Some time ago, I bought the Netatmo Presence cam. I love the “Intelligence” in the cam (it detects different objects linke cars, people, animals), and it’s ability, to work when there is no wifi etc. due to the build in SD card. I do however, upload everything to my NAS using ftp, for safe keeping.

Data collection Catalog Item in VRA

One of the tasks, i often en up doing, when i work with vRealize Automation (vRA), is doing a catalog scan. The Catalog scan, checks for changes in my endpoints. This could be new templates, snapshots etc. hat i need in my blueprints. To do this manually, you have to go to Infrastructure -> Compute Ressources -> Your endpoint -> Data collection -> Request now (under inventory).

VMware Lifecycle Manager - The first tool to install

VMware has released a new tool, to make it easyer to install and upgrade, some of your VMware products. The product is called vRealize Suite Lifecycle manger, not to be mistaken for en earlier product VMware had, that was also called Lifecycle Manager. The tool is fairly easy to install.

vSphere HTML5 client - Have you tried the Fling ?

From time to time, people have asked me “When do you fix the vSphere web client”, or “When will the C# client come back” Most of the time, people don’t know about VMware’s new HTML5 client, and have not tried it. I must admit, that I loved the old C# client, and I had a hard time, converting to the flash Web client.