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Remote development from anywhere

VScode is that type of software, that I hated in the beginning, and now love (for the most part). I have never been any good at coding, scripting etc. but the more my day job, exposes me to automation, the more I want to learn. And along with that, I found out, that VScode, was one of the thing, I better learn to love (or live with).

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VMware Cloud Management series

I have started a new Cloud Management (CMP) series where I want to show, just how easy it is to get started at doing CMP. It’s all in Danish, to keep it local, but I will will update this post, to keep all the videos in one place. 1. Multi Cloud Blueprints in Cloud Assembly.

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K8S Ingress and Pfsense firewall

I have been playing a bit with Kubernettes (K8S) lately. Since it’s running on my vSphere environment, and not a public cloud, I don’t have native access to a load balancer, so I have to use the Ingress Controller instead. Right now i’m using Rancher to deploy the K8S cluster, and due to lack of static ipadresses on my nodes, a LoadBalancer is not an easy thing to get working, it seams.

Duplicate ipadress on Packer Ubuntu VM's

After reading a blog post, from Cody’s blog, about how to create automated vSphere templates, using Packer. I have been using it, for most of my vSphere templates in my demo lab at work. But it has not been without problems. I have been having a problem with my Ubuntu templates.

New Password manager

I have been a (happy) long time user of Keepass. It was the place to store passwords, notes etc, across many of the systems I use today. That means mostly OSX, but also a bit Windows, and in some cases IOS as well. The way I used it, was by having my kdb file, in a dropbox share, that I then accessed from all my devices.

Filter Extensibility subscriptions in CAS

For the last couple of days, I have been playing quite a lot with Cloud Automation Services. That means deploying a lot of VM’s, just to destroy them again. Some time ago, I got help, from some good colleagues, to setup a Python Slack notification, using the extensibility on AWS Faas.

Cloud Agnostic Blueprints in VMware CAS

VMware Cloud Automation Services went GA 2 days ago, on the 15/1/2019. There is already a ton of blogs, describing the solution. I thought that I would give my view on one of the things, that i find most cool about the solution. Note that i’m no expert, but I already love the solution, and i’m looking forward to learning more about what I, and the customers I talk to, can do with it.

Getting started with Cloud Automation Services - Almost

I finally got started on Cloud Automation Services (CAS), or at least Cloud Assembly. Living in Denmark, where many customers are talking Azure all the time, and the local vSphere environments, are smaller, the SAAS offering makes a lot of sense IMHO. I must admit I already love the product, even thou it requires some learning, to get the hang of it.

Homekit support for non homekit devices

For that last 2 years, I have been playing around with Home Automation. So far i’m running a mix of both an Openhab installation, based on MQTT, and some Homekit devices (Philips hue etc). Openhab is a great product, but I was finding myself, more and more, using Homekit, controlled from my ATV4, to be the way i do home automation.

Monitor Domain Admins using VMware Log Insight

I had a customer asking me yesterday, if it was possible to use Log Insight, to monitor changes done to the Domain Admins group. An interesting use case, that i had not thought of before. The answer is off course yes, so i thought i would write a small post about it.