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Welcome to my little blog.

I’m not a big writer, so don’t expect much. But sometimes, I might create small posts, of what i’m doing, and what I think, others could find interesting.

Most of my time, is spend, changing from a Operations background, to learn a lot more around Development. So expect, content to be around that theme.

If you want to follow, what I’m doing, then follow me on github. That is where I put everything I do.


Since 2024 I have been working as a Cloud Native Consultant, for Globeteam

From 2012 - to 2024 I worked for VMware, as a Systems engineer, starting with covering the core products, and then moving on to Cloud Management specialist, and for the last couple of years, then Covering the Tanzu portfolio, for the Modern applications business unit.


  • Family.

    I have 2 small girls, that take up all my time.

  • MTB (when time permits)

  • Crossfit

  • Roadracing.

    I ride a Yamaha R1 from 2004.

  • Neerdy stuff :-)

Photo by Thom Holmes on Unsplash

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