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How to show the value of Automation

Being able to show the value, of automation is essential, to be able to keep getting support, for the time you spend on it.

One of my coworkers (Tore Brynaa) , gave me an idea, on how we could show that value back to the business, for the customers that have begun using vRealize Automation.

The idea was quite simple. Count the number of VM's you deploy, estimate time saved per deployment, and calculate how much time you have saved.

So I started thinking on how to build this.
The challenges I had was :
- How to run the code (ABX or VRO or other) ?
- Where to store the data ?
- How to present the data ?

After asking on twitter, I got at lot of help, on the first and second part from @roberthayden. He build an api and a DB, that I could call, from a post deployment rest call.
We got it working, and it was a great help, to get the project running.

But I ended up finding another solution, since I did not have full controll on the solution, and I had some problems figuring out, how to …

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