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New Password manager

I have been a (happy) long time user of Keepass.
It was the place to store passwords, notes etc, across many of the systems I use today.
That means mostly OSX, but also a bit Windows, and in some cases IOS as well.

The way I used it, was by having my kdb bile, in a dropbox share, that I then accessed from all my devices.
The drawback to this, is that I could only have one open at the time. Not a big deal, but I had on 2 occasions, had a corrupted DB. No problem, since Dropbox files are easy to restore. But still a small gotcha.

Many of the big services, has been a bit to pricy, from my point of view, since I had something that was working. But that all changed, a couple of month ago.

I saw a reply to a post, from @michaelRyum, when're he mentioned a product he used, that was called Bitwarden (Thanks)

It did not take me long, to look into it.
It had all the features I was missing, and also a lot better clients, for most os my OS'es + browser integrations.

It open source, free …

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