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Remote development from anywhere

VScode is that type of software, that I hated in the beginning, and now love (for the most part).
I have never been any good at coding, scripting etc. but the more my day job, exposes me to automation, the more I want to learn. And along with that, I found out, that VScode, was one of the thing, I better learn to love (or live with).

The main thing, that makes VScode so powerfull (imho), is all the extensions you can get.
When I started learning Ansible, I downloaded the Ansible extension, and suddenly I got code completion, and a lot more things, that I don't use or understand at this part om my learning :-)

One thing, that stod out, pretty soon, was the remote extension. It enables me to log into a remote machine, container etc. and develop and run my code from there.
It's so powerfull, and I'm still finding new use cases for it.

One use case I have found, is using a local Linux VM, in my environment, to run my code from.
It's easier when I transfer a lot of data, fr…

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