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Homekit support for non homekit devices

For that last 2 years, I have been playing around with Home Automation.
So far i'm running a mix of both an Openhab installation, based on MQTT, and some Homekit devices (Philips hue etc).
Openhab is a great product, but I was finding myself, more and more, using Homekit, controlled from my ATV4, to be the way i do home automation.
Most of the reason being, that I get locality, out of the box, and since all in my household (that matters for home automation) is using IOS devices, i can easily create rules, based on if people are home or not.
Also it's easy to edit rules etc. when i'm not home.

Openhab has one great feature, that was the primary reason for me to test it in the first place. It can make non Homekit devices, appear as a Homekit device. The downside, is that in my case, it requires that both Openhab, and MQTT is running properly, for it to function. It has done so until now, but it's just another thing that can go wrong, and since there is no room for failu…

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